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Four Seasons Hotels – Various locations

Design for Four Seasons locations: Geneva, Miami, Palo Alto, Whistler, Jackson Hole, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Hawaii and Florence.


Branding for Four Seasons consisted of over 50 collateral items as well as menu covers for the various in-hotel bars and restaurants.


Art Deco was the theme inspiration for Miami with the search and purchase of Charles Barbier illustrations (1920 era). The illustrations were hung on the Hotel walls as well as on collateral. Simple geometric line motifs coupled with a minimal palette and Barbier illustrations formed the base for Miami branding.


With Jackson Hole, old west stitching coupled with a colour palette taken from the hotel interior formed the brand basis over wide ranging collateral.


Palo Alto had a theme involving speed and technology as well as foliage drawing from the Hotel location.


Collaboration: New Inc.